Research must form a core part of our practice.


Design Research

We use the design process as research, where projects develop deep understanding of the contexts we work in - this includes the needs, values and practices of people, the workings of systems and the influence of the built environment. This knowledge can play its own role in supporting change and is valuable in extending impact beyond the scope of individual projects. 

We also do research on Design, which looks to understand how the design works at the turning point, what methods can support people to explore new futures and build the tools needed to generate momentum.    

We also research design’s real world impact. The impact of our design knowledge when it is enacted in projects and environments. Our design research practice is about creating, learning and sharing ways that design can support growth and change. Fundamental to doing this is documenting the impact of our design knowledge when applied in practice.



Our design research and practice occurs in multiple contexts. We have areas of deep experience as well as constantly expanding into new areas – particularly those with opportunities for social impact. Some current focuses include systems, processes and places in:

  • Health and mental health

  • Justice

  • Universities and research organisations

  • Third sector organisations

  • Public sector (capability)

  • Social and environmental sustainability

  • Social and strategic in private practice

  • Rural communities


Recommended Reading