We explore the use of design to support social, community and organisational change.

We’re often approached by people at a turning point, where they’re wanting to try things differently but unsure where to begin. We explore the role that design can play in these moments of transition; exploring futures, navigating complexity, finding new meaning and supporting new practices.

We have a history of working with people in conflicted situations, whether it’s organisations who are stuck or people experiencing marginalisation. We understand that moments of change can be daunting, so we work to create experiences of learning that are meaningful, humanistic and playful.

From over 10 years experience, including 150 projects combined, the Design Innovation Research Centre has deep expertise in:

  1. Engaging sensitively with people and places

  2. Facilitating collaboration with conflictual stakeholders

  3. Finding playful ways to negotiate serious social challenges

  4. Clarifying organisational challenges, barriers and opportunities through the application of design approaches and mindsets


Our Own Transition Moment

As a centre, we’re at our own turning point - previously we were separate centres exploring one method of frame creation in two areas: Designing Out Crime and Business Innovation. Now we have joined and are moving into a range of new project areas and aiming to explore a more pluralistic approach to reframing social and organisational complexity.

What is Designing Out Crime?

Learn more about how design can be used to tackle crime and social problems in our community through this long running initiative between the Design Innovation Research Centre and the NSW Department of Justice.