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Join us for a one day introduction to Frame Creation – a design based methodology that can help solve complex problems.

Taught by experienced staff with extensive expertise in Frame Creation and design innovation in public and private sectors, this course will give you hands-on experience of new ways to tackle old problems.

Developed in practice at the UTS Design Innovation Research Centre and Designing Out Crime, Frame Creation is based on expert designers’ approach to difficult problems. It provides a framework that allows us to ‘take a walk around the problem’ and surrounding context before exploring new ways of framing future solutions.

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What will we cover on the day?

  • The nine steps of the Frame Creation model

  • Practical activities that help to put theory into practice

  • Some design research methods, including stakeholder mapping, thematic analysis and framing

Who is this course useful for?

  • Public and private sector organisations

  • NFPs and NGOs

  • Design practitioners

  • Innovation teams

About the teachers:

Dr Lindsay Asquith is an experienced workshop facilitator and researcher and has worked closely with public sector organisations for a number of years assisting them with complex problem solving. She established a Design Think Tank at the City of Sydney where she worked as Night Time City Project Manager before re-joining the team at Designing Out Crime to teach on the Graduate Certificate of Public Sector Innovation.

Bridget Malcolm is a strategic design, research & communications professional passionate about supporting leaders to evolve their practice to address increasingly complex problems. With 12 years’ experience influencing change across the public and private sectors, Bridget has developed a unique skillset & become an expert ‘translator’ between disciplines.

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You can visit the course listing on the UTS website for more information on application and enrolment.

If you have any questions regarding this course please email us at designinnovation@uts.edu.au

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